Corporate Crime and Economic Criminal Law

Our Graduate School, following in the footsteps of the CSGP, pays particular attention to the considerable and recurrent "regulatory challenges" that lead the business world to face the criminal law sector.

Some of the researchers of the Graduate school have chosen the world of criminal law in the economy as their main field of study and research, devoting themselves, in particular, to the topics of administrative liability of entities, penal regulation of financial markets, the business crisis, the fight against money laundering, criminal protection of the environment and safety at work. The Graduate School as a whole supports such research and promotes specific activities aimed at fostering a careful reflection on the penal regulation of business activities, promoting opportunities for meetings (conferences, round tables, workshops) between scholars, legal practitioners and the business world: these initiatives aim at an "integrated" approach to problems, combining normativity and empiricism, in the constant search for regulatory options of proven effectiveness. In fact, it is only the constant encounter and confrontation between the business world, which is a direct witness of the most critical aspects of "practice", and those who dedicate themselves - as university lecturers, lawyers, magistrates - to the analysis and application of institutions that allow a complete analysis of corporate crime.

The area of administrative responsibility of institutions is a constantly evolving field of research, within which the Graduate School promotes an ongoing reflection on the possibilities of implementing this regulatory sector, making it increasingly an opportunity for a positive corporate organization, in the name of legality and entrepreneurial ethics. On these issues, the Graduate School inherits from the CSGP an important wealth of studies and relations with the most authoritative experts in the field.


Master in Diritto Penale dell'Impresa (MiDPI) - IX edizione

Master di II livello


Expire16 aprile 2021

Master in Diritto Penale dell'Impresa (MiDPI) - IX edizione

Il Master forma figure altamente specializzate, che si possano confrontare consapevolmente nel settore professionale o aziendale con i temi del diritto penale economico sia come professionisti sia come giuristi di impresa





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