Our mission


This Graduate School is unique in Italy and with very few equivalents on the international scene. It is conceived as a place for scientifically rigorous reflection on the issues of legality and socio-economic ethics, in close contact and constant dialogue with the "practical" sensibilities expressed by the world of business and professions, on the national and international scene. A reflection which, starting from a highly emblematic centre - the current or potential sphere of intervention of criminal justice - is committed to radiating the range of its analyses and proposals in multiple fields of experience, making the most of the best legislative, judicial, forensic and administrative skills to identify appropriate regulatory solutions to the ever new problems posed by social evolution.

ASGP has chosen the figure of the polyhedron as its emblem (against a purple background that evokes the dignity and responsibility that weighs on every institutional rank). In an extraordinary passage of the Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium of Pope Francis, it is said that the polyhedron, unlike the sphere ("which is not superior to the parts"; because "each point is equidistant from the centre and there are no differences between one point and another") "reflects the confluence of all the partialities that maintain their originality in it". The graphic form becomes forma mentis and opens to the understanding of the multiple and the different: "even people who can be criticised for their mistakes have something to contribute that must not be lost. It is the union of peoples, who, in the universal order, retain their peculiarity; it is the totality of people in a society that seeks a common good that truly incorporates everyone".

.Along the lines of this model, representative of a multiple richness that aspires to cohesion, but preserves and respects every uniqueness, the emblem of the ASGP weaves the sinuosity of a blue wave. It is intended to symbolise the almost diviner-like sensitivity that is increasingly required of every legal professional, called upon to recognise the points where the rigid layer of the legal system is so "thin" as to make one aware of the existence of mobilely "aquatic" realities from which, at any moment, gushes of experience and proposals could erupt that could flood, enliven and sometimes (when the hybris of the exegete or legislator has ignored its underground boiling) raze conceptual buildings built too abstractly to the ground

Among the main themes addressed by the research and training activities of ASGP:

  • Prevention and fight against corporate crimes
  • Corporate compliance
  • Financial instruments to fight against organised crime
  • Restorative Justice
  • Healthcare responsibilities and clinical risk management
  • Relationship between justice and literature in legal training, legal methodology, and legal practice (Law & Literature)
  • Transparency and integrity of the Public Administration
  • Reform of the correction system
  • Protection of cultural heritage and the environment
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