Our values

According to a famous quote from the philosopher Karl Popper - who was particularly admired by Federico Stella - "There are no disciplines, only problems and the need to solve them"

Interdisciplinary and interprofessional method

In addition to the interdisciplinary approach, now almost taken for granted in the world of international research, ASGP combines what could be called an "inter-professional" method, which implies the ability to identify the essential problems on the table by listening, first of all, to the voices of the operators engaged daily in dealing with them, in order to draw on their practical experience and prepare regulatory solutions that are as appropriate for the protection of relevant interests as they are able to apply to, and effectively govern, socio-economic processes.

Quality and rigour of training and research

Professors, researchers, and collaborators of the Graduate School are selected among scholars and professionals with high competence in the fields of criminal law, criminology, and related sciences, with proven experience in teaching, applied research and public communication.

Constant updating and international openness

In terms of training and aptitude, the academic and professional staff of the Graduate School makes use of the most advanced experience and regulatory solutions developed in other countries and in European and non-European jurisdictions, with a constant updating facilitated by a network of qualified contacts and international exchanges.


ASGP takes care of the development of exchanges and professional and social relations between the participants in its courses, offering the assistance of its teaching staff and highly qualified tutors during and after each course.


ASGP requires all its members to sign an "Integrity Pact" and encourages their "team spirit", promoting the principles of solidarity, transparency, honour and attention; it undertakes to conform methods and contents of its teaching and scientific activities to a high ethical standard.

Our Mission

This Graduate School is unique in Italy and with very few equivalents on the international scene. It is conceived as a place for scientifically rigorous reflection on the issues of legality and socio-economic ethics, in close contact and constant dialogue with the "practical" sensibilities expressed by the world of business and professions, on the national and international scene. A reflection which, starting from a highly emblematic centre - the current or potential sphere of intervention of criminal justice - is committed to radiating the range of its analyses and proposals in multiple fields of experience, making the most of the best legislative, judicial, forensic and administrative skills to identify appropriate regulatory solutions to the ever new problems posed by social evolution.

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